dear babes

dear babes,
today i am sitting here, listening to one of you sing in your crib while you fall asleep, and the other is asleep on my lap. there is something so special about the innocence that you both carry around with you today and everyday. your laughter and smiles are still going even though the world today seems dark, and dreary. i am so grateful that i get to be around this pure joy everyday.

but i can't help the thoughts of fear that keep drifting in from the back of my mind. donald trump was elected president today, and it has made people scared. that fear is turning to hatred, anger and cruelty. it makes me sad. really sad.
more than the sadness and fear that i feel, it has given me determination. determination to do my best to teach you all about love and kindness. so as you grow you will be able to have unconditional love and kindness for everyone you meet. i want you to have kindness, empathy, respect, compassion and love for everyone. it shouldn't matter their views or beliefs. just to have goodness for everyone.
i'm not saying that you can't have anger or feel fear. i think it is good for us to experience those feelings, and will help us grow. but don't let those feeling turn into cruel words, thoughts or actions. no matter what people do around you, it is up to you how you will react. choose kindness and love. anger is easy, but having love for someone who has done you wrong is hard. that love will make you happy and i want you to be happy.
every good decision you make will help you become closer to the Savior. ultimately that is my goal. to do everything i can as your mother so you will know right from wrong and want that closeness to Him. if i can teach you to love and forgive the way He did i know you will be happy. and having my children happy would be the greatest gift i could get as a mother.
so in this world that is becoming more evil and entitled everyday, don't be afraid to standout. i know it will be hard. but decide what your standards are, what you believe in and stand up for them. don't believe the mean things that people will say. because believe me, they will say mean things. but chose where you stand, who you stand with and never never let the 'mean' in. that will only bring heartache. be strong and carry goodness with you.
if everyone lived like this, i know the world would be a different place. but it isn't. so please be an example. stand up for yourself. stand up for you believes. be courageous. and emulate Christ. i'm trying to set a good example for you to follow. i know that i am not perfect, but i am trying. if you can do the best you can and teach your children the same one day, i know your influences will make an impact on the people you come in contact with.
the world needs more of this little babe innocence in it, that i am so blessed to see everyday with you. i know kindness will help bring that to others. you will never regret being kind.
love you forever,

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