blessing blake

we blessed blake on the 9th of october. living so far from family we didn't know if we would have many people make it, but seriously we have the best families. rhett's parents came down a few day before to hang out. then my parents came the day before the blessing.
that night we had a little birthday party for laurel because her birthday was the 6th. it was so special to have family in town for not only the blessing but also a birthday party.
the day of the blessing rhett's aunt and some of her kids came up from huntington beach. so we had them, both grandparents and my grandparents came down from idaho with my parents and my uncle lives here to they came too.
rhett was telling me her was nervous to give her a blessing. but i told him it would be great and not to worry. seriously it was such a perfect blessing. this little girl is such a blessing in our lives. one thing that really stood out about her blessing was that 'her smile would be a blessing to those around her' or something along those lines. i thought that was so neat because we have talked about how big of a smile she has ever since she has started smiling. its a good one.
after the blessing we all come back to the house and had a big dinner. it really was so fun to have everyone and to get to share this little girl with them.
i feel so blessed to have these two perfect little girls, and amazing husband and such supportive families!
and i mean look at this girl!

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