Welcome to raspberry shakes! I'm Stephanie, a twenty-something wife, mother to my two little bff's, calligrapher, cheesecake lover and aspiring photographer. Rhett and I met at BYU-Idaho in 2011. fell in love and were married in 2012. We both graduated in April 2014. me - a visual communication degree. him - a business finance degree. our little laurel babe joined our family in the fall of 2014 and we moved to the sunny desert of southern California soon after. I started teaching myself calligraphy and opened my Etsy business (oMoments Noted Paperie) in 2015. Baby Blake joined our family summer 2016. Soon after I started my photography business (Stephanie Beswick Photography). Now baby #3 will be joining us Jan 2018! Three kids 3 and under. Yes we are crazy!

Rhett pushes me to pursue my dreams and encourages me to be better everyday. While my two little babes are my biggest inspirations and help me find the good even when life gets hard. I love my little family and remembering all the little moments that make our life perfect for us.

Why Raspberry Shakes?
Our first summer married we did our internships for a boat rental company in bear lake utah. We lived in a 28 foot trailer behind a resort in garden city. It was an adventure with lots of funny memories. Well, garden city is famous for their shakes; raspberry shakes. So we made sure we tried all the different shakes in town (maybe a few times) that summer. We went on so many adventures that summer. It gave my dreamer of a husband an idea. He thought we should just travel around and record all of our adventures and make a business out of it. We would call it raspberry shakes. Yeah, it would be awesome, travel around like gypsies and record all the fun things we want to do. 

Well after college real life started and we had a baby. No gypsy living for us. But that doesn't mean we don't have fun adventures anymore. We have more adventures than ever with our two little babes. So this is our little corner of the internet where we can keep all our little moments, adventures, and hilarious things our little ones do all together. This is our life. This is our raspberry shake.

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