colic cure?

after blake was born she found her lungs pretty quickly. she cried all night the first night in the hospital. the nurses all said it was a good thing to make sure her lungs were cleaned out since there was meconium when she was born. you can read all about the her birth story here.
but her crying never really stopped. the first few days i just thought it was because she was so big, and was she hungry because my milk still hadn't come in (that's what the nurses told me) so we just pushed through. we would give her gripe water, gas drops and every remedie we could come up with. the crying continued.
we were up in idaho visiting right after she was born, and there were times that my mom couldn't even calm her (she is like the baby whisperer). annie, my sister told me about purple crying. which if pretty much saying that babies cry because they can. so we just figured that must have been what it was. and she would eventually grow out of it.
the crying continued when we got back to california. blake would either be nursing, sleeping on me, or crying. i couldn't lay her down. ever.
at her two month appointment we asked the pediatrician about reflux. but she said that blake was gaining weight well so she wasn't worried about it and that she would just grow out of the crying.
we blessed blake the beginning of october and we were so happy to have family come to town. my parents stayed for a week after and we were trying to come up with ideas to help this little girl. they babysat for us so we could go on a date one night. blake cried the whole time. my mom told me she heard about taking babies to a chiropractor and thought maybe we should try it.
the next morning, i called around and found a chiropractor in town that worked on babies. the chiropractor got us in that morning. i was super nervous becuase i didn't know what was going to happen. but it was worth a shot.
when we got to the office we visited with the dr for a little bit and told him some of her symptoms. he said it sounded like she had something out in her back, which is much more common then people realize. he had me hold her facing me and used this tool to measure her back. the tool he used showed that her back wasn't completely straight and that her c12 was out. he took her from me and tilted her side to side and found what side it was on. then he had me lay down on the bed and had me put blake on my stomach. he started pushing on her back and in my mind i thought he was pushing kind of hard. then there was a loud pop. not only did i hear it but i felt it in my stomach. he had popped in back in.
just like that we had a new baby. he told us that babies don't usually need to be seen more than once because they don't have the muscle memory that will pull it back out of place like adults do. so we were good to go.
when we got home she let us sit down while we held her. she would lay on the ground and look at her toys and play with them. she was more observant (i had been so busy with her crying i hadn't even noticed that she really wouldn't just look around before) and calm. she was so calm and not crying. literally a new baby. she started rolling over the next day and her puking has gone down SO much.
im not saying this is a cure all. but if anyone out there has a colicky baby i feel your pain. you should try it. go see a chiropractor. changed our lives over here. especially blake's! happiest baby on the block now, and we love it and her perfectly huge smile.