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My Good Day List

The past few months have been kind of hard. Summertime here is the time to stay inside because it is SO HOT. Add on to that two very active girls + a mom with morning sickness and good days start coming less and less often. But time seems to be slipping away and we will be a family of F I V E before we know it, and I have a goal to start living more intentionally. 

I feel like a blinked a Blake is almost a big sister, and I don't have much to show for it. This is a little list that I have put together to help us have more good days and make the most of our time before the baby comes!

• get dressed (I always feel better about myself when I am dressed and ready for the day) 
• workout (probably just walks for now but get moving) 
• be outside (it's finally in the 90's, time to enjoy the weather!) 
• read and pray (my days are always better when I make the time to do this) 
• make someone smile (I love making other people happy with service) 
• play time (go do something fun with the girls - no tv) 
• finish something (off the to-do list or deep cleaning a room) 
• journal (make time to write one thing down that each of the girls did that day or a funny memory)
Here is to being more intentional with my days! Anything else I should add?

(pictures are from trip to Santa Monica back in April)

vlog || family video

Here is the video I made of our fun weekend at the beach. I sure love this little family of mine!

Huntington Beach Weekend

Moments to never forget