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weekend wonders

i feel like this week went by so fast and i have nothing to show for it... other than a few cute pictures

happy (late) valentine's day

well happy late valentine's day everyone! we sure did have a fun day. full of making sugar cookies, pictures and trolls.
laurel loves making cookies so even though i can't eat them right now i decided we would make some and just give them all away. she is hilarious when she is 'helping'. with every new ingredient she thinks she needs to taste it and says 'it's delicious'. butter and sugar 'it's delicious'. straight flour 'it's delicious'. rhett and i were having a good laugh because she just kept saying it over and over. and sometimes she doesn't understand the whole baking thing. once the cookies are cut out she likes to take them off the cookies sheet and just eat the dough. but i mean if i wasn't on this whole30, i would have probably been right there eating that dough with her. i mean 'it's delicious' after all.

weekend wonders

another week has gone by. rhett and i are both struggling from the crab flu... thanks whole30! but hopefully it should be getting better this week. fingers crossed. oh and the contract rhett was working on got extended so no overtime! woohoo!


i heard of the whole30 a while ago and never thought much of it. but as i have been trying to get healthier after having miss blake, and i decided that the sugar addiction needed to go. so i was looking on amazon and i came across the whole30 again. after reading some reviews i decided that i would get the add on book 'it starts with food'.