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us with 5 kids

My sister Elise was visiting her in-laws in Ontario a couple weeks ago. They had tickets to go see Hamilton in LA and asked if we would come down and watch their boys while the went. Of course we said yes! It was a little crazy and at one point Rhett mentioned this would be life with 5 kids. Maybe we will be done at 3 ;) haha

It was a lot of fun to see them! Laurel loved seeing her boys, especially Gavin. They are 6 days apart in age so we call them the twins in the family.

^^ a guy down the street had quite the fancy Halloween decorations and the kids loved it!


They are getting ready to move up to Northern Idaho so this was the last time we will probably get to see them for a while. It was a quick visit but I am glad we got to see them at all before they move!

^^ don't mind the sleepiness.... it was a rough night for our girls!

when parents come to visit

When parents come to town, we have too much for and forget to take pictures till they are leaving... fail. But we did get a few cute ones!

happy birthday laurel babe

How this little girl is already 3 blows my mind. Literally. I was looking through pictures of her as a baby and I feel like it was just yesterday we were living at my parent's house waiting for her arrival so we could move to California. 

We sure love our Laurel Babe! She has the biggest imagination ever, has an idea to fix every problem, loves belle and elsa, sings and dances all day every day, is so polite and loves Blake so much. 

snip-snip laurel

When I was pregnant with Laurel my worst fear was that I would have a bald little girl. Vain I know but Rhett was bald till he was 2 and I just really wanted my baby to have hair. Laurel came out with some darkish blonde hair and I was so excited! She didn't have at ton but she had some! 

And I was in love with her hair ever since. Especially when her hair grew out and became curly! All my dreams cam true! I haven't wanted to cut her hair because I was scared all the curl would be lost... But the ends were getting really bad, and she hated me brushing it so I knew it was time. 

I didn't take a ton off, but she loved the whole experience. She loves being the center of attention. My heart broke a little bit, but her hair is still curly and we can style it again. Win. Win.