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nap time

it's raining here. it's raining a lot, which is unusual for the desert. but i'm enjoying the peaceful sound it brings, while also enjoying the rare moments of having both girls asleep. i think its more than rare... i don't think it has ever happened before. blake isn't really a sleeper.
i don't really know what to do while myself. so, of course i'm just looking at pictures of them. i don't know how i got so lucky to be their mom.

finding elsa

laurel is obsessed with elsa. she is the first thing she prayers for when she says prayers. she wants elsa to follower her around all day. if something exciting happens she needs elsa to be right there with her.

holiday wrap-up

i feel like it is always hard to me to get back in the swing of things after the holidays. but we are slowly, getting back into a schedule.
but we had such a fun holiday season. we knew we wanted to try and make it up to idaho to visit family, but we didn't know how the roads would be. needless to say we didn't decide to go up till the wednesday before christmas. we left thrusday after noon around 1 and drove through the night. we had a snow storm to beat!
we hit some fog through the mountains and rhett's eyes were getting heavy. so we pulled off the road to about an hour before we got there so he couple take a little nap. just so happened that both girls had pooped 😒 so here we are sitting in the middle of nowhere at 1 in the morning, rhett is asleep in the front seat and i'm suffocating in nasty poop in the back seat.
finally after the 12 hour drive we arrived! it was so fun to be with family. it gets a little crazy sometimes because both mine and rhett's parents live about 20 minutes away from each other. but it was so great to get to spend the holidays with family.
laurel loved the snow! she would tell everyone that it was elsa making it snow. she was on cloud 9 with all the attention she was getting.
and of course we didn't take nearly enough pictures!

live nativity

our stake put on a live nativity this last weekend. as we were getting ready to go we put this white jacket on blake and laurel was sure that it was hers. she was telling us 'it's mine, no dad it's mine'. so we had to explain to her that she grew up and got to big for it so she gave it to blake. she responds 'oh, your welcome blakey'. we got a good laugh out of that.
it was really fun to go to. we went last year, but this year laurel really was into in.
the nativity was on the font lawn at church. laurel LOVES church. so she was devastated that we were at the church but i wouldn't let her go into the church. so we had a few tears there for a minute.
there really was something so special about the nativity. laurel was a little nervous but she wanted to go and look at baby Jesus. so we let her go up and i just love the spirit that was there.