Moments to never forget

I used to keep a journal really well. Like everyday I would write something. Even if it was one sentence I made sure I wrote something everyday. Then I got married and thought I would journal through a blog. And well that lasts for a couple weeks. With a month here and one there thehen I stop with a huge gap. It makes me sad how many memories or things I probably won't remember for the last 5 years Rhett and I have been married because I never took the time to write them down.

There are a few bloggers that I follow and recently I have felt really jealous of them. Not because of their fame or popularity, but because they have all of these memories written down somewhere that they can look back on. One blogger in particular really got me thinking. Emily from The Freckeled Fox lost her first husband a little over a year ago to cancer. Leaving her with 5 young kids. She said something along the lines of how grateful she was for her blog because not only had she created a community that helped her with her loss but, now she also has over 10,000 + pictures of her kids with their dad because of the blog. Pictures that help them remember all the memories they had with their dad, because they were all so young when he passed.

I love to take pictures, but I don't nearly take enough for being a photographer. And I have lots of pictures of my kids, sitting somewhere on a hard drive that probably won't be looked at for a while. So I am changing today. I am going to take more pictures and videos and I am going to do something with them. Even if I am the only one to ever visit my blog, I don't care. I know I don't have a perfect house to take pictures of (thank you 70's fixer upper), I don't get ready most of the week, my house is messy more than I like it to be, I don't live close to family, or real stores haha. But I do love my family. My girls mean everything to me, and Rhett is my best friend. Together we make amazing memories together. These moments I won't ever get back, but I also never want to forget.

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