weekend wonders

i feel like this week went by so fast and i have nothing to show for it... other than a few cute pictures

this week:
the weather was out of control i felt this week. one day it was super nice, then it was super windy. went back to being nice then a crazy rain storm came through all of southern california. where we live it didn't get too crazy like some places got. just lots and lots of wind and rain!
but we still go out and had fun at the park a few times. there is a park on base that laurel loves. she calls it 'elsa park' because it has a lot of blue. so she always asks to go there. but thrusday mornings there is a play date at a different park so we pulled up and she cried and cried because she wanted to go to 'elsa park'. this girl.
we made cookies twice this week! laurel is always wanting to make cookies and i have seen so many cool things that people do with icing them so i wanted to try it out. i thought they turned out pretty cute, and of the two times i made them zero dough, frosting or cookies were consumed by me. it was a pretty proud moment. haha
the silly babes:
laurel has been watching the trolls trailer over and over again for a couple weeks. and she was always asking to watch the trolls, so i broke down one day and bought it for her. mostly because i couldn't watch the trailer any more. but you should have seen her face when we showed her the movie. her face was priceless, i wish i would have had my camera! but needless to say we have watched trolls about 30 times since we got it on friday. but it is a pretty cute movie and the music is really fun so we have been enjoying it. and they way she acts out movies is seriously like the most amazing thing of my life. she has got trolls down pat.
blake started crawling! where did my baby go?!?!? it's only an army crawl but dang girl stop growing up! she is so freaking cute i just can't get over her and her smile. we were at the store and a lady told me that blake was the prettiest baby she had ever seen. and in my mind im thinking, yeah i know... hahah. she is might cute but that doesn't stop me from wanting to sleep train her
upcoming adventures:
today is rhett's birthday so we are having fun celebrating him! we are going to make a trip to la this weekend and go to the temple! laurel is so excited to go, she loves the temple! and i'm trying to get back into some photography so i'm going to take some pictures for my uncle and his family this weekend, which i am super excited about!
happy thoughts:
"you are something divine. more beautiful and glorious than you can possibly imagine" - dieter f. uchtdorf

have a happy week!

xo - stephanie

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