happy (late) valentine's day

well happy late valentine's day everyone! we sure did have a fun day. full of making sugar cookies, pictures and trolls.
laurel loves making cookies so even though i can't eat them right now i decided we would make some and just give them all away. she is hilarious when she is 'helping'. with every new ingredient she thinks she needs to taste it and says 'it's delicious'. butter and sugar 'it's delicious'. straight flour 'it's delicious'. rhett and i were having a good laugh because she just kept saying it over and over. and sometimes she doesn't understand the whole baking thing. once the cookies are cut out she likes to take them off the cookies sheet and just eat the dough. but i mean if i wasn't on this whole30, i would have probably been right there eating that dough with her. i mean 'it's delicious' after all.

of course we had to document blake's first valentine's day. so matching outfits (blake got a little dirty before the pictures... whoops) and a homemade sign for the win (side note - we just got this butcher paper off amazon and it seriously is the greatest. we color on it everyday and laurel is obsessed). blake was loving the camera, but laurel could have cared less. she just wanted to watch trolls. or to lay on the ground by me and pretend that she was taking pictures with me.

sure love these little valentines of mine. and my real valentine that i didn't get any pictures of... that's a goal of mine. to get us in front of the camera more. if only i trusted laurel to actually use my camera....
xo - stephanie

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