seven months - sisters

i seriously can't believe that Blake is already 7 month! people are just now having babies and in my mind I think 'oh yeah they are the same age as blake' but no.... she is 7 months. maybe I feel like she is still a newborn because she is still in our bed. or maybe I'm just wishing she was still that little and I'm in denial that she is sitting, and eating and practicing crawling. whatever it is time needs to slow down!

laurel is literally obsessed with blake. when i went to get blake's dress laurel asked for her princess dress. she grabbed her blanket and put it down right by blake's. then she needed to go and get her elsa bow (elsa because it's blue. obviously.)
these pictures are the best. and taking them might have been even better. laurel would look at blake and then do exactly what she was doing. i love this whole sister thing

xo - stephanie

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