weekend wonders

the past couple weeks have been really crazy i feel like. rhett has a contract at work that needs to get done by this friday. what usually takes months, he has only had a couple weeks. so lots of overtime hours going on around here. he usually gets off at 4 and has every other friday off, and man i guess i didn't realize how much he really gets to be around. we sure miss him.

this last week:
we still had lots of fun this last week. we got out of the house everyday this week, which is a big deal for this mom who has some anxiety issue. but we did it! the park, a few stores and even a surprise visit to dad.

rhett was waiting for some things to get reviewed so he didn't have to work late friday or saturday at all! we were so excited to had him all to ourselves this weekend. we went for a hike, and played outside in the nice weather. did some shopping and just relaxed.

the silly babes:
blake turned seven months on the second. i'm still in denial. but we sure had a fun photo shoot. you can see the pictures here. she really is the happiest little thing when she gets want she wants. this week she has started screaming the second i leave the room. like bloody murder screaming. and the second i come back and pick her up she is all smiles.

laurel is obsessed with the movie anastasia. literally obsessed. asks everyday 'watch stasia mom?' it surprises me how much she likes it, because well it is kinda creepy. but she loves it and acts the whole thing out (like she does every movie. it is awesome... but that is a whole different story) she has determined that she is stasia and dad is dimitri aka 'nitri'. she now calls him that 9 times out of 10. 'oh hi nitri' 'it's nitri' 'come dance nitri'. rhett was saying how he wishes she would just call him dad again, but i told him there will be a day when you wish she would just call you nitri again. its the best.

upcoming adventures:
we are starting our first ever whole30. i'm excited but also kind nervous. i'm not a big veggie fan, but i should be at the end of this!
rhett is gonna have lots of overtime again this week, so us girls are going to have more time painting, park dates, walks, and dance parties together.

xo - stephanie