little blake elizabeth

i honestly think that naming the baby is one of the hardest things about having a baby. is that just me or do other people feel that way too? i mean you are choosing the name that they will have for the rest of their life. so we struggled the whole pregnancy for a name.
i would stalk random instagram accounts looking for cute names. i would look online everywhere and literally couldn't come up with a name we both liked. if i did find once i would tell rhett and he would say "oh like so and so" and that would ruin the name for me. the struggle was real. so so real.
when the due date was here we had a few names we like but honestly nothing solid. she was born in the evening so we went through our list that evening and nothing really seemed to fit. we decided to sleep on it.
the next day we were going through the names again and trying to come up with other names and still nothing was really fitting.
my sister elizabeth brought laurel back to the hospital after nap time and we were looking and looking and really struggling to name this little beauty. i brought up the name blakely which i liked when we were pregnant with laurel. i told rhett we could name her blakely and call her blake. he has this weird thing that whatever you name the baby is what you call the baby. so he was like well it would just have to be blake. but i didn't want it to be to boyish so i wasn't sold
we were trying out a few names by calling her them. rhett started calling her blake as i was nursing her, and as soon as laurel heard the name blake her head popped right up and she looked toward me and said "bake! bake!" she was looking around like she was looking for blake. i uncovered the baby and she pointed at her and said "bake!!!" rhett and i looked at each other and we both started crying. we just knew that was her name. it was really a special moment. and thank goodness for laurel otherwise she might still be nameless...
so we had a first name and now for a middle name. i wanted to make sure me made it feminine still and elegant. elizabeth fits both of those. and my sister elizabeth was such a huge help. so it was decided.

blake elizabeth beswick.
and we sure love our little "bake"
- 2 july 2016 - 9 pounds - 2 ounces - 21 inches - 6:32 pm -

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