little laurel's lines

i can't believe how much laurel has grown up recently. she is so funny and witty. some of the things she comes up with makes us die laughing!
if blake ever cries she is the first to respond "no cry blakey, no cry"
when rhett gets home from work "oh hi dad! it's me! it's me!" while patting her chest
"blakey so cupe (cute)"
every time we take her clothes off she will wave her hands in the air and shake her booty while saying " i nakey! i nakey!"
if she finds her binky or blanket, stuffed monkey or someone comes home. pretty much if she sees something she hasn't had for a while she will say "oh i miss you" while squeezing it. precious.
tell her you love her she says " lo you to"
'i sinking!! I sinking!' she likes to pretend fall out of your arms when you carry her.
she always wants 'one more' of everything
teaching her to count she always skips 1 but she counts 2-5 really well then skips to 9 and 10. but if we count with her she does it 2-10 really well!
she loved halloween and ever since she loves to call things spooky. if you shut off the lights 'ooo it's spooky' or she will put her blanket over her head and walk around saying 'spooky'
if she falls or something happens and i ask her if she is okay she always responds 'i fine. i fine mom'
these are just a few of the things she does daily. she has so much spunk and always keeps us guess. we sure love our little laurel girl

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