garden city

life here in garden city is pretty good. we have been here for a little over a month and it has taken some time to get used to. when we first got here we were living in a little 1970 something trailer that rhett couldn't even stand up all the way in with no real bed. it was a crisis. but work was able to find a new one for us. so we feel like we are living the high life in our new trailer. 

our first trailer....

our new home:) much better. 

now we have a real bed and actually have some space to move around! 

work has been good. rhett is keeping busying doing all the accounting and paperwork. i have been busy making reservations and designing different things for the company. i was able to design employee shirts and sweatshirts. kind of stressful but it was fun. i have also designed shirts and sweatshirts to sell so i am hoping the turn out okay! 

it has been fun getting used to how different it is here. cooking has been really interesting. we have to get creative because we don't know how to work the oven. but that doesn't stop us to much from eating good food:) 

garden city is famous for raspberry shakes so we like to go and try them. all the hamburgers suck expect for this one place, Inn at Snow Meadows. They have the most delish burgers and my favorite shakes so far! 

one of the new MB sports boats got here and we missed when they took it out for the first time so rhett was dying to take it out. so while everyone was at a softball game he taught me to drive the boat so he could try out the new boat. i was terrified. but he said i did a really good job. it was really fun to be out on the boat:)

other then that life is just pretty ordinary. we like to use all of the fun stuff that they have. we went for a fun RZR ride last night. we look awesome:)it gets pretty dusty up in the mountains, so googles are a must!

today we are getting off work a little early so we can do to this dealer thing for hyperlite (because we are dealers for them now:) and rhett is gonna go try out their stuff and ride behind a sweet boat:) he can't wait! and on the way back we are gonna stop in logan to get some bikes so we can start riding them to work instead of using so much gas. i am really excited for that:) and the boat too... but it will be a good day!

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