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so this whole not having internet is really hurting my blogging. but i guess i can't complain to much cause our rent is next to nothing. but i figured i should give an update of our lives lately...

we got done with school in april and took such a fun vacation down to southern california. 

we took turns driving and when i drove rhett made sure to get as many pictures as he could. see the cool mountains in my sunglasses? oh yea. :)

we drove down to leucadia and spent 2 days down there. it is by carlsbad. so fun. we ate lunch on the beach went to some stores and just walked around the cute little shops that they had. made me want to live there... :) rhett also had been looking into this surfboard company and one location is out of oceanside, right by where we were so we went over and the guy was so nice. he gave us a tour and told us everything! it was so cool to see how they make surfboards. pretty sweet. 

we were sad to leave carlsbad but excited to go up to new port. the morning we headed up there we drove along the coast and stopped a few times. our favorite stop was treasure island right by laguna. it was seriously breathtaking. 

after our stop there and many many pictures we finished our drive up to new port. our hotel there was pretty sketch. but it was nicely renovated. haha:) the next day we spend the day at knott's berry and had a blast! we seriously rode every ride about 10 times. there were no lines and it was so fun:)

on our last day in california we spent the morning at huntington beach. we rented one of the covered bikes and road around the boardwalk for a while. we laid in the sun for a while and rhett finally put on the wetsuit and got in. i put my foot in then i was done. he didn't last to long because it was so dang cold. (my pictures from these two days are on my ipod and i can't get them off at the moment...)

after the beach we went to an angels game. we had really good seats and it was so fun:) apparently we were on the big screen but missed it :/ the girl sitting below us didn't say anything till after. fail. but still so fun!

we got up saturday morning and wanted to do a session at the new port temple but they don't have a 10:30 session... but we got to do initories which was really cool. it was a beautiful temple and i am glad we got to go at all. 

now we are in the lovely bear lake utah living in a sweet pull trailer. i would say that i am with out a doubt the luckest girl ever!

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