water fun

this year the company we work for is a dealer for hyperlite. rhett has been in contact with the sales rep for utah and he invited us to go down to willard bay for a demo. so on monday we went down and got to ride on a super air nautique g23. it was the biggest nicest boat i have ever seen in my life. the msrp for it was $147,000. WOW. it was so much fun. rhett and i both surfed and despite the super winding weather and choppy water, rhett had to try out the wakeboard. he is pretty amazing:) it was such a fun day! 

his second time ever surfing and he almost does a 360. impressive.

 then on the way home we stopped in logan and got some sweet bikes at walmart. we are gonna start riding them to work to save some gas money:) rhett liked to ride his new bike all over the store! it was pretty funny:)

I love my bike:) it is sooo cute! best purchase so far:) haha

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