emotional moment.

today i was in the gym working out on the elliptical, listening to my music, and semi watching tv. there was one tv on playing sports center and another three with the news. so i normally just ignore the sports and try to catch up on my current events while i am working out. 
then i saw a cheerleader do a flip, so automatically it grabbed my attention. this cheerleader did a backhandspring with the basketball either in her hand or between her feet, i missed this part, but she made a basket doing this. pretty impressive. 
now sports center has my attention. the next story that they bring up is about a 7-year-old boy suffering from brain cancer. he was able to score a 69 yd touchdown in a spring scrimmage game for nebraska. 

it was so tender

so here i am working out, watching this video clip and i start to cry. yes i might be a baby, but it really touched me. everyone needs to watch this. 

it is so amazing to see the good that is still in the world when it seems that the bad is starting to take over. but watch this, it will make your day better. i promise.

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