still living

yes i know it has been awhile. and yes we are still living. when we got done with the semester  we went on a fun little road trip to southern california. it was so much fun! and a much needed break. i will post more about that and add some pictures in a bit. 
we then were at my house for two weeks hanging out and helping my mom repaint the house. it was quite the job, but we still had so much fun!
and now... we are in bear lake! it is so beautiful here:) we are living in a little trailer that rhett can't even stand all the way up in. but we should be getting a bigger one in a few days. so for now it works. we started work on tuesday and it has been really busy and kind of crazy but i know we will love it!
so if anyone is looking for a fun trip this summer come to bear lake and visit us:)

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