this past weekend we went home to the valley to visit family. rhett's family went shooting because his brother graham got a new shotgun. because of my shoulder i didn't want the shotgun to hurt it with the back fire, so i just stuck with the little .22 they have. it was fun to watch the boys shoot the guns.

when we were almost ready to go they convinced me to try the shotgun but do it left handed. so i did it. terrifying. then after i shot it a few times they convinced me to shoot a clay pigeon. i shot at a couple a missed. then decided to do it one more time and hit it! i was so excited, so i did it again and shot that one too! i went for a third and missed. so i stopped while i was ahead... kind of. 

but i was so proud. my first time shooting a shotgun and i hit 2 clay pigeons in a row left handed. awesome.


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