us lately

with having 4 more weeks of school rhett and i have both been
very busy. but we do make sure we wake up in the mornings
to get a good workout it. (we are trying to get healthy and in shape for the summer:)
so wednesday morning we get up and decided to do some 
bench pressing. me being the beast that i am lifts it one
time and makes my shoulder crack. so i decide to not lift the bar
and just do some hand weights. bad idea. my shoulder 
cracks again and won't move. so i finished my workout riding 
the bike. it was hurting so bad and i couldn't
do anything with my arm so i decide to go and get it looked at.
they x-rayed it because they were scared i broke something,
but it turns out it was only a separation. but dang.
it hurts. so now i am in a lovely sling for the next few
days and have to do exercises and such. 
good thing i am so lucky and have an amazing husband
that helps with my hair, makes me food, and is a nazi about wearing my sling:) haha. but it is feeling better.

on a more up beat note... 

we found out this week that we will officially be in bear lake
this summer working for this company! it is a rental
company and we are so excited. rhett is going to be the 
accountant and management and i will be reservations
and marketing. we can't wait! we will not only have really good jobs but we will also get to spend the summer doing
something we both love doing. boating. 
so much joy! 

now we just have to make it through the rest of the semester...
3 more weeks:)

till our next adventure begins...

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