Rhett likes to do crazy things. I am learning to like to do crazy things. Since we have been married I have jumped off a bridge, learned how to snowboard, learned how to surf (kind of... still needs some work), learned how to buggyboard, and the latest is learning how to longboard.

When it comes to any of these things I am kind of a wimp. Then were is Rhett... fearless

But he married the right girl cause i am up to try anything... well almost anything. 

He is so sweet and patient when he teaches me. Sometimes thinks i am better than i really am.. then i fall and get scared. cause i am a wimp. But he makes me get back up and do it again

it is kind of a love hate relationship when that happens. cause i hate doing it suddenly cause i am scared but then i love it cause i am being pushed and learn that i am pretty good a these things.

the latest thing that we have been doing is longboarding. it is somewhat terrifying, but i kind of love it. we have gone the past two nights and i have gotten good. ( if you can consider going like 2 mph good) so much to the point that i am trying to convince him to get me my own, so this summer we could just go longboard around. 

fun right? i know! 

so of course, i have to find the one that i need, and this would be it!

it's pretty huh? now just have to convince him to get it for me! fingers crossed:)

if not i guess i will just have to be happy with my new
dauntlessness (my new word which means Incapable of being intimidated or discouraged; fearless). thanks to my lover.

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