emmy girl

last night annie called to see if rhett and i could go and stay with emery while she went to go pick up andrew from the airport in idaho falls. i knew rhett would have no objections because he frequently tells me we need to invite annie and andrew over so he can play with emery:) he loves her so much it is pretty adorable. 

so of course we had to go early so he could play with her before bed, but she was so tired that we kind of just hung out while annie was laying by her. he was a little sad about that. but little em hadn't gone to sleep by the time annie had to leave so we told her just to leave em and we would take care of her. 

i started to rock her and she just wouldn't fall asleep. rhett really wanted to rock her so we tried and she was so tired and wanting her mom that she was not to happy with that. so i took her back and she finally fell asleep. 

on the way home rhett told me we need to do more things with them before the end of the semester because he will just miss that little girl so dang much. i will too. i can't believe the semester is almost over and we can't just go over and see the most adorable little girl anytime we want. 

it makes me sad we didn't go over and play with em over often this semester. her little silly smile and crazy personality can totally change my day completely around. and after this semester i can't just go and play with her. 

hopefully she won't forget us... :/

but what makes my day even more then that little girl is watching how much rhett loves her. once we see her he talks about her for a while after we leave. seeing him with her makes me so excited for the day is he will be a dad and be that same exact amazing loving dad to our children. 

but till then we will just have to make the most of the time that we have left with this little girl. 

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