who am i...?

This semester I am taking an Interpersonal Communications class. I have really been enjoying this class, we have been taking about how we figure out who we are by what others tell us or how we go and compare ourselves to others. Which is an interesting thing to think about. Our latest assignment was given to us Friday and our teacher told us that we were going to need to come to class Monday prepared to talk about who we are for three minutes. It couldn't be just the basics. He wanted us to dig deep and really figure out who we are.

This was a really hard assignment for me actually. I have always felt like I have known who I was, but having to tell people who you are really makes you think. We started presenting today in class, I didn't have a change to go because we ran out of time. But it was so interesting to me to see how people viewed themselves. I feel like this project wasn't necessarily for us to let people know who we are, but more for ourselves. So we could take some time and just focus on ourselves. In a world that has so much going on, it is nice to take some time and remember who we are, that we all have worth, we are all so important, and can do amazing things.

But doing this assignment I think I did figure out more of who I am... 

I am a daughter to amazing parent, who love, support, and push me to be all that I can be. 

I am a wife. I get to spend everyday with my best friend. He is always there for me, loves me, makes me laugh, smile, and anything I would ever need. I don't know what I would do without him in my life.

I am a sister. Some might think that having 4 sister would suck. And yes
sometimes they are crazy, but they have helped me become who I am today and would never
trade them for anything. It is nice to always have a best friend around.

I am a friend. I love to be with people and have so many great memories with 
amazing people that I have been blessed with in my life. 

{this pictures makes me laugh every time}

I am an aunt. I have the most adorable niece and nephews. They are a 
blessing in my life and make me want to be better for the day when I have children.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I know this gospel is true. 

I always thought that I had a testimony until I had to go through a trial that made that testimony so firm.
My friend in high school was killed in a car accident. It was so hard for me because
I didn't understand why she had to die. It just didn't make any sense. 
It was so hard for me but because I went through it helped me to build that testimony I had 
been searching for. 
Since this I have had many other experiences, so I can say without a doubt that I know
this gospel is true and could not be happier to have it in my life.

I know the Atonement is real.

I love to serve people. I would rather give than receive.

I will never give up on anyone.

I like to see people's potential and want them to see it too.

I am stubbon and will do the opposite of what I am told to do.. 

I am emotional, and cry... a lot.

I like to try new things.

I am scared of being bad a something.

I am scared of failing.

I am adventurous.

I am insecure.

I am goofy and fun.

I love to laugh.

I can sometimes be a "blonde"

I can take a joke.

I am confident

I am a shopper.

I am outgoing.

I am generous.

I am paranoid. Thanks Criminal Minds. 

I am spontaneous.

I get annoyed.

I am loved.

I am happy.

I am a daughter of God.

I would not change who I am, who I am with or anything about my life. 
Because it is perfect and I don't need anything more than what I already have been given.  

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