it was christmas time...

So once again it has been a while. Let's start with Thanksgiving...
We spent a couple days with Rhett's family but they left for New York so we spent our first Thanksgiving together at my house. We went to Fruitland and had a lovely dinner.

 We were lucky enough to get to sit at the kid table... still. And enjoy our dinner with Hannah and Elizabeth:) We all went around the table saying what we were grateful for. All I remember is Hannah is grateful for Rhett. And Rhett is grateful for his snowboard... just kidding, his sexy wife:)

And of course Thanksgiving would not be complete without decorating the Christmas Tree!!

And of course some sexy poses of my sisters... ;)
It was so much fun! We loved getting ready for the
Holiday Season with them.


We headed back to Rexburg. It was crunch time to finally be done with the semester. But of course we had a little fun along the way. We cut down a little tree on the way back from snowboarding one
day. It is kind of illegal so we had to be sneaky but it was worth it:)

We finally finished up our first semester as a married couple and then headed home for the three week Christmas break! We spent the first week at my house and got to spend time will all of my sisters. The house was crazy... so it was fun to get to spend time with everyone!  
Here are some pictures of our vacation:)

These next pictures were my favorite part of Christmas.
**Back Story**
When my dad graduated from Gonzaga he got a class ring that he loves. 
He has had it for...ever. So my mom decided that she wanted to have the stone replaced. 
In order to do this, she had to steal it from him. So one day she saw
that he had left it in the bathroom so she took it. He was looking everywhere for it
and my mom felt to bad so she put it back. So she tried again and
it was killing her because my dad was going
crazy trying to find this ring. My mom kept telling him that 
it would show up. That was back in November. So Christmas he has a box to 
open and he has no idea what it could be...

This is just part of his face when he realizes what he is opening. 
He just started crying. I have never seen
him do that before. In my whole life. Ever. 

Everyone started crying. It was precious. Perfect way to end Christmas morning. 

We then went over to Rhett's house for the second week. 
We had a lot of fun! But sadly... we did not take any picture... 

Then we had such a fun thing happen. 

Our car got hit. 

It was parked outside my parent's house and a girl was going around the icy corner
about... 35 mph. Hit our car. Awful. I was still upstairs and watched the 
whole thing. I have never felt so sick to my stomach.
Thank goodness for insurance. We had a very nice rental for
about 2 weeks and finally got our car back.
Now in is as new as can be!

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