I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. It is amazing how much of my life goes but unrecorded. It is sad actually. Especially because it has been an amazing couple months! So here is a quick update of our lives here in Rexburg:

Rhett went to a garage sale while I was at work 
one Saturday. He informed me he got some "home decor".
Knowing how much he loves house decorations
I knew this must not be the case.
I came home to a bow and arrows. Apparently
he ment "home defense". Simple mistake right?... haha.
So of course we had to go shoot it!

He was quite the shot.

            He was getting ready for the 

                      Hunger Games;)

We had a pet for a day.

Yes a bat just showed up on our door. Rhett really wanted to catch it but I wouln't let him.
It was really creepy. But he was gone the next day. 

We got to go through the Boise
Temple Open House!

And my 21st Birthday!! 
Rhett surprised me after work with a picnic in the park! He made us lunch complete with sparkling cider:) He even made me my favorite cake. It was so nice out that day! 
I was so spoiled. I loved every minute of it.
It really was the perfect day!


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