the newlyweds 

after two months of marriage i guess it is about time that
i write our first update!

rhett and i were married on july 14th.
it was so perfect. 

i really am the luckiest girl out there and could not be happier.
i am married to my best friend after all:)
after the wedding we spend the weekend at a hotel in 
boise, when we went to the most
delicious Indian resturant and a fun little 
hike up at bogus.

 it was such a fun hike, 
complete with a lunchable 
for lunch at the top:)

a few weeks later we went down to carlsbad, ca
 to go camping
for 10 days on the beach with rhett's family.
it was such a fun trip. full of sun, summing
surfing, and amazing food:)

 no trip to california is complete with out doing
a back flip. off a busy bridge.
into the ocean, with your wife
scared for your life.
needless to say i am grateful
he lived:) 

we ended our time in california at 
an angles game.
i know nothing really about baseball
but rhett and his
family are big fans, especially of
the angles. it was such a fun game:)

well the rest of our pictures of in the car and... i am to lazy to get get them... 
but since we got back from california this has been our life:

  • wedding open house - complete with a photo booth and soft serve ice cream
  • getting to rexburg to find our furniture did not fit in our basement apartment... it was a crisis
  • found a much better apartment that our furniture actually fit in:)
  • went to a garage sale and bought a table for $7 and three chairs for $9. what a steal.
  • painted the table and chairs. ADORABLE.
  • got an amazing deal on a tv. originally $319... we paid $202 all with gift cards!
  • went bridge jumping at monkey rock (it took a little convincing from rhett, i was terrified)
  • school and work started... woohoo! haha
  • we had a pet bat on our door for about two days. rhett wanted to get a cage and keep it
  • went to a family reunion in logan and saw l. tom perry at aggie ice cream! we even got to talk to him, and rhett got to shake his hand. it was so cool!
  • started insanity today...hopefully we don't die.
overall life is amazing. i fall in love with him more 
and more everyday. i couldn't ask for a better:)
we are excited for the upcoming semester and to see what
other adventures are in store!

it has all be so fun that i know it will only 
get better from here, and
i cannot wait!!:)

p.s. more pictures to come.


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