i heard of the whole30 a while ago and never thought much of it. but as i have been trying to get healthier after having miss blake, and i decided that the sugar addiction needed to go. so i was looking on amazon and i came across the whole30 again. after reading some reviews i decided that i would get the add on book 'it starts with food'.

what is the whole30:
for those that don't know, the whole30 is a diet/cleanse/body rebute that you only eat meat, fruit, veggies, and healthy fats for 30 days. there is a whole lot more that goes into it but that is pretty much sums it up. along with no added sugar.
reading this book everything just clicked. i knew that i needed to do this. i even got rhett to commit to do it with me. which is kinda a big deal because he loves his dairy and bread!
monday we started, and i hate this so much. we were excited to get started, but man... i want all the sugar and bread and ice cream. i know it is just the detoxing aka 'the carb flu' and it should get better... but day 5 now and i think rhett and i have both asked each other if we could quit. but no, we are gonna do the full 30 days. and honestly with how bad we are feeling i think that means that this is a much needed.
on a positive note all the carb flu symptoms should be gone by day 14! yay! 😂 and on the super positive note we went to costco and got some really good food today. so we are excited to eat good tasting, healthy food :)
but for now i think ill go to bed and dream of brownies and cheesecake....
xo - stephanie

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