stained glass oranges

i have really been trying to get more festive and come up with decorations that don't cost an arm and a leg. so when i saw on instagram that mama waters, from the home song blog,was making garland out of oranges i knew i had to try it.

and it is so simple! minus the fact i burned them the first day.... haha
cut oranges in thin slices
dab the slices on paper towel to get rid of extra moisture
place on a cookie sheet and cook at 170 degrees for 5-6 hours
( and maybe set a timer if you are forgetful like me so you don't forget about them and burn them )
when you are done let them cool and tada! beautiful homemade dehydrated oranges! like pretty little stained glass windows.

im a little obsessed with them. and did i mention how amazing my house smelled while they were cooking? now all i have to do it string them together and decorate! and maybe ill try it with some grapefruit too....
xo - stephanie

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