last week was a long week. laurel had a bad cold and blake had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away. i finally took blake into the dr because i figured she had a yeast infection, and thrush because of the white rash she had in her mouth too.

friday we got to the dr. wait forever, as usual. small town living haha. come to find out that yes, blake has a yeast infection and thrush. so our dr faxed the prescription over to the pharmacy at walmart.

after we were done we headed to go pick up the prescription. we wondered around the store for a while thinking it would take a little bit to fill the prescription. about 20 minutes later i went to go pick it up, but of course the fax didn't go through.

so we went home and i called the doctors office to have them fax it again. but the nurse was busy so i left a message. a while later we got a hold of the nurse, and she said that she would call it in right then. i waited about 2 hours before going back to pick it up to make sure that it would be done. i went and got in line to wait. but the pharmacist said they had just gotten it, and it would be another 45 minutes. super annoyed at this point, i start to wonder the store.

finally i went to go and get it. annoyed and very frustrated i was waiting in line, and there was a women an aisle over mumbling to herself. im embarrassed to admit it, but i starting judging her and thinking she was probably crazy. then i look a second look at her, as i realized what she was looking at the guilt started to set in. she was looking nicorette patches. in that moment i realized that i had no place to judge anyone, no matter how bad of a day i had been having.

my mind went to a word i saw on pinterest. sonder.

' the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own - populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness '

and this word had more truth to me in that moment than ever. no matter what is going on in your life, every person you pass is going through something too. none of us have any room to judge what they are doing or how they are acting in that moment that we see them.

i was reading the mama hood blog when jenna richards told her story of losing her husband earlier this year. one part of her story really got me thinking. she talked about how she had just gotten done at the funeral home, dressing her husband in his temple clothes, the clothes that he was going to be buried in. when she got to a stop light and looked over to the guy in the red truck next to her. she thought to herself 'he has no idea what i just had to do'. from that moment on she has tried to be kinder to strangers. we really have no idea what people have just had to do, or what they are currently going through.

for me, what might seem like a silly little thing that happened at walmart, really has been making me think twice and be more aware of those around me. yes they are strangers, but that doesn't mean that their life's don't matter. and if i can do something to help, in my tiny little part in their life, i will. even if it is just a smile or holding open a door. that little thing might make their day better. because i know when i am going through a hard time, the little things do make a difference.

xo - stephanie

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