christmas blessing

for christmas we were so lucky to be able to go back home to idaho. we didn't find out till the week before that we could actually make it work. but we were able to find a super cheap ticket out of vegas. so we flew up christmas morning. my mom and dad knew we were coming but hannah and beth had no idea. so christmas morning my dad faked a phone call for a work emergency telling the girls they had to wait to open presents till we got back. he was actually coming to pick us up! so when we got there, they were so surprised! many tears were shed. it was precious. we had fun opening gifts and then headed over to rhett's house. his mom didn't know we were coming so it was fun to surprise her.

on the first we had the great opportunity of blessing our sweet little L. we did it at rhett's parents house and had so many friends and family there. rhett gave laurel a beautiful blessing. we are so lucky to have this perfect little girl in our lives. 

i actually made laurel's dress. my inspiration came from a blog that i follow that you can see the dress here. my mom helped a little and i am so happy with how it turned out. i wish it would fit me! 

( most of the pictures are on my mom's camera and i didn't get them before we left :/ )

Elise and her family was able to come up from Burley to come L's blessing. I was so glad that they could make it! Elise had a little boy 6 days after L, and before they were born i bought them matching pj's. so we had to take a picture of them together! he is a tank.

and apparently punching your cousin is the way to take pictures. cuties. 

L is usually a super good sleeper, but on the trip it was rough. minus the lack of sleep the trip was wonderful and made it hard to come home. we flew back into vegas on sunday the 4th and on the drive home we got suck in awful, terrible traffic. the 3 hour drive took us 5.5. kill me. but L was a champ and didn't really cry at all. we got lucky with this girl. and the best part was she slept the whole night first night home. our sleeper is back! mostly :)

I feel like since we got home she has grown up so much! she has totally found her lungs. she squeals so loud and talks non-spot. i love it. and she turned 3 months! i don't know where the time has gone, but i sure love spending my days with this precious little girl! some times i just look at her and don't know how i got so lucky to have her. she is so animated and smiles all the time. unless she is tired.... but i just can't believe how wonderful she is. she does crunches all day. is starting to giggle. hates tummy time, but is getting so strong! LOVES showers, like as soon as she knows she is getting in, she is in the best mood ever. but hates putting clothes on after the shower. i feel so blessed. 

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