california and the little lady

when laurel was almost 4 weeks, we made the move down to the beautiful desert town of ridgecrest california. the town itself is kind of... old i guess is a good way to put it. kind of reminds me of rexburg just with the opposite climate.  the people are so nice. the main reason people live here is for the navy base. china lake naval base. this is where the navy does all of their land testing. so probably about 90% of the employees are engineers or physicists. rhett falls somewhere in the other 10% being a business guy. he works in the contracts division. so he writes the contracts to buy the stuff that they navy needs. he is really enjoying the work and it really has been such a blessing to our family. its been hard, but such a blessing. 

anyways... rhett packed up a uhaul and left at 5 am on Halloween to come down and move everything in before he started work that upcoming monday. i stayed behind and my mom was going to drive me down on tuesday the 4th. we told rhett that we were going to leave early in the morning and just make the 12 hr drive in one day. but we decided to leave monday afternoon and split it up and surprise him by getting there earlier then he expected. laurel was amazing in the car! she slept pretty much the whole way! which was such a tender mercy because i was so nervous making her be in the car that long being so young. 

rhett wasn't expecting us till 1 or 2 in the morning but we got to town at around 2 in the afternoon and went and hung out at my uncle's house (he lives here and is how we heard about this job). then when rhett was home we went over and surprised him. he was so excited :)

my mom stayed with us for a few days and was so wonderful to have! she unpacked so much for me and took laurel when i needed sleep. she was such a lifesaver. not only on the trip and helping me unpack but the whole first month with laurel. i seriously don't know how i would have survived not living with them for the first few weeks. 

so ridgecrest is like 2 hrs from any other town and so you have to drive aways to get to an airport. my mom had a flight home early friday morning so thursday after rhett got off work (he has every other friday off which i LOVE) we drove into ontario. it was my birthday and i was really hoping that we would make it in time to go to dinner somewhere and have a fun last night with my mom. but the drive took longer then expected and we ended up with in-n-out, which was fine but i was a little sad. i think mostly i was sad my mom was leaving. 

then we got to the hotel and we were getting our stuff out of the car and i couldn't find the diaper bag. epic fail. so i was sad how the evening turned out and i forgot all of laurel's stuff at home, 2 hours away. it was awful. i couldn't believe it. needless to say i started sobbing, while my mom and rhett are trying to make me feel better about it and laughing... looking back now it is super funny. so all we had for laurel was the pajamas she was in, a few diapers that i had put in another bag, a blanket, and one burp cloth. mom of the year award goes to me over here. 

so we wrapped her up in one of my shirts for a blanket so she wouldn't dirty the only blanket so she could use it the next day. it worked great! the next morning my mom took a shuttle to the airport at 4am. i was so sad to see her go, but excited for our adventure that we had ahead of us. 

that morning we got ready, laurel just in a onesie and headed to target to pick up some stuff and then over to a mall that was close by. as i was getting laurel out of her carseat i felt that she was all wet. so i turned her around and she had had a huge blow out. gross. so here we are with a few diapers, wipes that we just bought from target and no outfit to put her in. so lucky girl got a new outfit! we found a carter's at that mall and i went and changed her. 

we had fun at the mall and left a couple hours later. when we got home i was putting stuff away and looked at her carseat and saw poop on the strap. so i went to go clean it, and there was poop everywhere. i mean EVERYWHERE in her carseat. on the straps, the newborn insert, and it was pooled in the bottom. grosses thing ever. so we got that all cleaned. man this girl has powerful poops. 

that was one of our most exciting stories... hahaha. 

since then i have been adjusting to live here. we only have one car but whenever i need to go somewhere, ill take rhett back to work after lunch and go run my errands. i have been working on a few sewing projects that keep me busy. and man! .... how do people do anything with a baby! hahahaha. i feel like it is so hard for me to keep anything clean! i clean something and the next day its a mess. so i clean it again. its a vicious cycle. 

but i love spending my days with this little lady. she is just so perfect. she has started talking and smiling all the time! looking back at pictures i don't know where my little baby went! but i sure love the stage she is in! 

a little about laurel:

~ she had her 2 month shots on december 9th and weighted 13 pounds and was 24 inches long. yes i have a huge child. and i can't believe she is two months!
~ laurel hates naps during the day. she will NOT sleep. wears me out. she will get so tired but fights sleep with everything she has
~ bedtime is around midnight. i don't know what it is, but we will try and try to get her to sleep and she will just fight it till midnight and then she is out. 
~ but we are blessed with a great sleeper (once she is asleep) she will sleep for 6-8 hours straight almost every night. and some nights are closer to 12 hours. its glorious. so i will take to no sleep during the day if she will sleep like that at night. the past 2 nights she has gone to be around 10 and still slept till 6 or 7 in the morning, eats then sleeps again. its glorious. 
~ little L only cries when she is tired or poopy. other then that she is a smiley happy baby.
~ she loves to sit up. she is so proud of herself when she sits in the corner of the couch. 
~ fans are her thing. it doesn't even have to be on, and she will stare at it forever.
~ she is a fan of watching her dad play video games. makes me laugh, but she will watch him play while he bounces her in her bouncer forever. i don't understand. 
~ she also loves watching youtube with her dad. 
~ she hates tummy time, but is soo strong! 
~ love the bathroom. if she is a little fussy i can put her in her rock-n-play in the bathroom and she will just sit in there and watch me get ready.
~ laurel also LOVES bath time. lately i have been taking her in the shower with me and she could just let the water hit her all day long. we defiantly have a water baby on our hands. 
~ she hates her bows, but dang she looks so cute in them!

she really is just a joy in have in our lives and i can't wait to see what the next couple months will bring. i really don't know how we ever lived without her!

sorry that was super long! time for picture overload :)

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