every hour

with this being our last semester in school, it has been really stressful trying to figure out what are plans are after april. and i am such a control freak, i just want to know now where we will be. but in my religion class yesterday we sang 'i need thee every hour'. i really love this song. it was such a good reminder for me that i don't have to do things one my own. heavenly father is always there willing and ready to help me. so when i found the quote it really was perfect for me. i do need him every hour no matter what is going on in my life. and i am so grateful that i know that he is there are loves me. it make me take a step back and just realize that it will wall work out, he is watching over us and will bless us where ever we end up. so, remember that he is there every hour for you too. happy friday:)

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