sealing day

when rhett and i got married we weren't married in the temple, but we both knew that we wanted to get sealed when our year anniversary came around. we worked really hard this last year to get ready, and on july 19th we had the opportunity to be sealed for time and all eternity. it honestly was the most amazing moment of my life to be able to look at rhett and know that he is officially mine for all eternity. 

being lds, people normally get married in the temple. and yes sometimes through out this last year i wished that we would have, but i wouldn't trade my wedding and sealing for anything. being married civilly first really made me see how much rhett meant to me and how badly i wanted him forever. so yes it wasn't the 'norm' but it was perfect for us. it made me appreciate the getting sealed to him more because i knew what it felt like to just have till death. but all that matters to me is that we are now forever. 

i knew that i loved rhett when we got married last year, and now that a year has passed i have started to see what love really is. you don't just magically fall in love. you really grow in love. i love him more than i knew you could love someone. 

we have had so many different ups and downs together that i can't imagine my life without him. he makes me a better person. knowing that he was only mine till death was really hard. i wanted him forever.

that is just what i got, and i couldn't be happier. 

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  1. Congrats Stephanie!!! Very cool, & guess what!? July 19th is our anniversary too!