14 days of love

happy love month! this is such a fun month full of love and romance. so i thought what better way to start if off then to have a 14 days of love.  hope you go and do it!

DAY 1: write a love note to each other
DAY 2: look through old pictures of when you first started dating
DAY 3: turn on your song and slow dance together
DAY 4: do something out of the ordinary for your spouse today
DAY 5: go and do something active together as a couple or family
DAY 6: write down a list of all the positive things about your spouse and point some of them out
DAY 7: cuddle on the couch and watch a movie together
DAY 8: put away technology and spend time together just talking
DAY 9: go somewhere and watch the sunset together
DAY 10: take a selfie together
DAY 11: try to make something new together in the kitchen
DAY 12: come up with a list of goals you want to do together - go on a cruise - buy a house
DAY 13: plan a getaway for the future
DAY 14: have a datenight - stay in or go out just have fun

xo - stephanie

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