live nativity

our stake put on a live nativity this last weekend. as we were getting ready to go we put this white jacket on blake and laurel was sure that it was hers. she was telling us 'it's mine, no dad it's mine'. so we had to explain to her that she grew up and got to big for it so she gave it to blake. she responds 'oh, your welcome blakey'. we got a good laugh out of that.
it was really fun to go to. we went last year, but this year laurel really was into in.
the nativity was on the font lawn at church. laurel LOVES church. so she was devastated that we were at the church but i wouldn't let her go into the church. so we had a few tears there for a minute.
there really was something so special about the nativity. laurel was a little nervous but she wanted to go and look at baby Jesus. so we let her go up and i just love the spirit that was there.

i am so grateful for the gospel and the special spirit that this time of year brings. i am especially so grateful for this little family of mine. they give me all the heart eyes!

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