finding elsa

laurel is obsessed with elsa. she is the first thing she prayers for when she says prayers. she wants elsa to follower her around all day. if something exciting happens she needs elsa to be right there with her.

so i guess i should have been surprised when we went for a walk to other day and she was chasing elsa. we got a new joovy cabooses stroller, which i love! and laurel loves it too! she will sit or stand on it a while then she needs to push. well after she was tired of pushing elsa appeared. she was a head of us somewhere and laurel was trying her hardest to catch her.

"elsa! get back here! get back her elsa! elsa! i see you elsa!"
this went on for a while on the walk. it was hilarious.

but then chasing her wasn't enough. laurel needed to draw her too. because who doesn't take their boogie board (which if you don't have one you need one with a toddler) with them on walks?

"frozen, mom look its frozen. elsa's eyes, and hair, and nose. look mom elsa!"
this girls has an imagination like i have never seen.

| stroller:joovy caboose | drawing pad : boogie board

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