i am some what a scared y cat. rhett knows this and likes to take advantage of it. he especially likes to take advantage of it when i am in the shower. cause he thinks he is funny or something.

so today he was in rigby working. after my class i went and worked out then walked home because it was so nice outside. so when i got home i went and got in the shower cause i smelled bad. i was thinking the whole time that he was gonna get home soon and come scare me. i even thought about locking the bathroom door in case he did get home and try to scare me but i decided not to.

so here i am just doing my thing and then the shower curtain blew in a little. i didn't think anything of it cause that happens sometimes. next thing i know the shower curtain is open, rhett is standing there, and i am screaming my lungs out. i thought i was going to get murdered. i was so terrified. 

i know for a fact that i was more scared then Brittney with this ball that could do nothing to her. it was awful. and of course rhett just starts laughing cause he thinks he is so funny. or something like that...

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