{Favorites} this week

This week I would have to say I had two favorites.

1. Going to Target and getting sweet Nerf Guns so Rhett and I could have a nerf war
It was only $10 for the gun and clip. So
 obviously we got them. We were so excited.
Gotta love Target sales!

2. Would be our Sunday afternoon. It was so nice and sunny outside.
And if you know Rexburg at all, you know that
does not happen to often in
February. So what do we do..?
We went to a dry parking lot and went skateboarding.
Rhett was teaching me. 
I am a huge chicken. I don't like going fast.
But he is so patient.
And got to try out he new gopro stick.
So much fun.

Actually make it three favorite things....

Saturday night we went to the pool on campus
and tried out the gopro's
underwater abilities. It was so fun. We swam around
for a while, and then played a pretty 
 game of water basketball. I
almost won:)

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