we moved to the southern california desert in the fall of 2014. i had a 4 week old baby, in a new town that i didn't really know anyone, no car to go explore (my husband had it at work) and i needed something to do. so i decided that i was going to teach myself calligraphy. i bought all the supplies that the internet told me i needed for my christmas present that year.
when the supplies arrived i put it all up in our guest bedroom. it all looked really intimidating and i had no idea what i was doing. it sat up there for a few weeks till i finally build up the courage to finally just give it a shot.
one day during nap time i pulled it out, and i was hooked. i traced and practiced and traced and practice as often as i could. i would write on envelopes for thank you notes. i designed my daughters birth announcement and worked really hard. finally i got to a point when i felt that my work was at a point that i might be able to sell so stuff.
i put together an etsy account and moments noted paperie was born! it took some time to really figure out my style and what i enjoyed the most (some days it still changes) but envelopes are by far my favorite thing to do. something about just getting in the zone is so relaxing for me. now with 2 little babes it is a little harder to carve out the time to do them, but seeing the finished envelopes always makes it work it.
my favorite thing about calligraphy and handlettering is how unique it is. anyone can do it, and no matter you skill level or style there is something beautiful about it. i love that no two things are exactly the same and that really makes this skill special. i have found so much enjoyment learning and creating things for people that i want to share what i have learned with others! be on the look out for some tips, tricks or anything else i feel like sharing with you all!
if you have any questions or want to know more feel free to message me! i am more then happy to help!

|| book: modern calligraphy || ink: higgins || nib: blue pumpkin || paper: layout bond || holder: speedball straight pen holder ||

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